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June 8 discussion

I’ll be in Maine on June 8 while you’re discussing Connecticut and the Civil War, but I’ll be curious about a couple of details that I recall (maybe some misremembering here?) from the Prudence Crandall readings: Continue reading


Wallace Stevens on Hartford

Wallace Stevens watches the sunset over the  city and listens to the Hog River behind 61 Woodland Street

Of Hartford in a Purple Light
A long time you have been making the trip
From Havre to Hartford, Master Soleil,
Bringing the lights of Norway and all that.

A long time the ocean has come with you,
Shaking the water off, like a poodle,
That splatters incessant thousands of drops, Continue reading

Hartford Stage “One Play”

Hi, Folks. Just wanted to let you know that the first fruits of our seminar labors is starting to grow. Ok, enough horticulture. The committee we formed to work on the One Play idea will meet with Hartford Stage education staff in two weeks to plan our first event in the fall. This idea was generated by our project. I’ll keep you posted.  –Jeff