Hartford Stage “One Play”

Hi, Folks. Just wanted to let you know that the first fruits of our seminar labors is starting to grow. Ok, enough horticulture. The committee we formed to work on the One Play idea will meet with Hartford Stage education staff in two weeks to plan our first event in the fall. This idea was generated by our project. I’ll keep you posted.  –Jeff


6 responses to “Hartford Stage “One Play”

  • klamkins

    Test comment. Does this show the name of commenter?

  • jeffpartridge

    Hey, Folks. Marie, Susan Brown, and I met with Jennifer and Nina from the Hartford Stage yesterday (June 1). They are really excited about the ONE PLAY idea. They will present it at a big meeting next Tuesday and will even discuss with their development people ways of getting corporate sponsorship for tickets. We will work out the details for the program in the fall and I will send out an email to all faculty by the beginning of August. Cool stuff.

  • abasche

    I think this is going to be a very exciting venture. I will be presenting the idea at an upcoming meeting to plan events for Hispanic Serving Institutions Week (Sept 18-24). The playwright, Quiara Alegria Hudes, wrote the book “In the Heights” which later became a Tony award-nominated Broadway show about Latinos living in Washington Heights, NY. She is Latina (Puerto Rican), so I’m hoping that the Hartford Stage will convince her to speak at the college during that week. If not, that week, certainly sometime before we go to see the play at the end of October. The play that we’ve selected for the “One Play” initiative is called “Water by the Spoonful” and it is about a veteran who struggles with addiction and family troubles after returning from Iraq. Given the subject matter, we might also want to involve the Social Sciences and Nursing and Allied Health departments as well as the Veteran’s students. To be continued…

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